Aarushi Talwar Murder

Aarushi Talwar murder case has got even more complicated with the police now suspecting Aarushi's parents, Dr Rakesh and Dr. Nupur Talwar. On 15 May, Aarushi Talwar, 14 year old was found murdered with her throat slit in her room. Initially the police thought that Aarushi Talwar's murder was committed by their servant Hemraj. But everyone was shocked to find Hemraj's dead body on the terrace of the apartment! Now after much investigations, police has caught hold of Vishnu, a previous servant of talwar family. It is believed that Vishnu wanted to get his job back and had a fight with Hemraj and in a fit of rage murdered him and Aarushi Talwar seemed to be the scapegoat in the fight.

However, Vishnu's employer defended Vishnu( who has been working for him for 8 yrs) saying that Hemraj and Vishnu were related and seemed to be on very friendly terms.

The Talwar's driver ruled out Hemraj doing any harm to Aarushi Talwar. There are also talks of aarushi Talwar's father Dr Rakesh Talwar having an extramarital affair which seems to have some connection with the Aarushi Murder Case.

The postmortem on Aarushi Talwar’s body showed that the 14 years old Aarushi had died 18 to 24 hours before her death was reported on Friday morning. Aarushi died around noon on Thursday, or up to 6 hours earlier. This means that Aarushi was dead long before her parents went to sleep on Thursday night. The body lay in the house much of the day on Thursday & was reported only at 6.30 the next morning.

The cell phone records of Aarushi Talwar's number are now available to the police. It is believed that Aarushi Talwar used to talk on the phone for hours uptil 12:30pm after she would recieve an sms from a certain number. However on the day of the murder, no phone call or sms came from that number after 9:30 or so.

Police has told that the murder appears to be done by a doctor butcher. They told the way throat was cut pointed out that it was done by a professional. Police is confident of resolve the case by May22.
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